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Check out some of the pictures on this page taken during my first visit to Hawaii in January, 2002. My friend Mike Sweeney had invited Mary and I to come over to the island of Oahu and help crew and pace him during his attempt of the extremely rugged 100 mile trail run, the HURT 100. It was also the first visit to Hawaii for Mary, she enjoyed the experience as much as I did!



Another shot from the hotel room...



Mike and Dave "fuel up" at the Paradise Park aid station later in the race. I think this picture was taken at the 67.3 mile mark into the race. Note the mud all over the backs of our legs. This was one mucky, muddy, hilly, tree-root infested bear of a course!


At the finish line of the HURT 100 Mile Trail Run, after 33 hours and 11 minutes, Mike enjoys the satisfaction of completing the course with his crew. L-R, - Mike, daughter Shauna, crew chief Craig, Mary, and pacer Dave.
    I enjoyed the experience very much - all 47 miles and 22 hours+ of it!!! You da Man, Mike Sweeney!


This is a view from our hotel room in Honolulu, a block from Waikiki Beach. Those mountains you see behind the rainbow are the mountains that Mike ran his hundred miler in...

Mary in front of our rental car at the Paradise Park aid station. Mile 7.3? 27.3? 47.3? It looks like another one of the frequent tropical rain showers has just passed through...

Mile 92.7, Jackass Ginger aid station. Twenty eight hours into the race. The guy wrapped up in blankets drinking soup is a shell of the former Mike Sweeney. Mike's best friend and crew chief, Craig Pagelow, checks on his runner. Mike's daughter Shauna is also worried. Mike was spent. Exhausted. Depleted. Discouraged. Done for the day.He wanted to drop from the race. But he didn't. He got up after a brief rest, and gutted it out for the remaing 7.3 miles to the finish.

The next day, Dave is caught in the act of shell collecting on Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. Just off Sunset Beach is the world-famous "Banzai Pipeline", one of the worlds great surfing locations.

Dave and Mary enjoy the beautiful day on the North Shore...Life is good, and getting better all the time!


Runner and Pacer at Race end - It's good to be done!

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